Investing New Mexico’s money in New Mexico’s people
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John Wertheim

Investing New Mexico’s Money in New Mexico’s People

John WertheimNew Mexicans are struggling.

While the rest of the country has begun to recover from the Great Recession, New Mexicans are still feeling the sting of budget cuts and paycheck-to-paycheck living. With low rankings in child welfare and jobs, many New Mexicans are leaving the Land of Enchantment to find jobs, build homes, and expand their families in other areas of the country.

This is unacceptable.

I’m John Wertheim and I’m running for New Mexico State Treasurer in 2014. As your New Mexico Treasurer, I will manage New Mexico’s money with integrity. I will fight to invest New Mexico’s money in New Mexico’s people, utilizing a progressive vision to fully realize the New Mexico State Treasurer’s potential to promote New Mexico’s economic development.

As the “banker” for the State of New Mexico, the Office of State Treasurer is directly involved in the management and investment of the state funds that sustain New Mexico’s economic heartbeat. Building on the foundation of integrity that our current treasurer James B Lewis established, I aim to raise the New Mexico Treasurer’s Office to the next level and use the position to promote economic growth in the Land of Enchantment.

Over 20 years ago, I started my first job fighting for progress as the New Mexico Director of Bill Clinton for President.  Back when he was still a little-known governor from Arkansas, I was captivated by the powerful message of his campaign: if you work hard and play by the rules, you should be able to succeed in America. I agreed with President Clinton on this point then and I agree with him now; I believe that every single person willing to work hard should have a chance to succeed.

Sadly, for many thousands of New Mexicans, President Clinton’s words do not reflect reality. That’s why I am running for New Mexico Treasurer. By utilizing the position of the Treasurer in a progressive way, I will fight for every New Mexican’s right to success and prosperity through hard work. I will invest New Mexico’s money in New Mexico’s people.

Please join me in my fight to exercise the full potential of this elected position and support economic growth in New Mexico. Get involved or make a donation today!

John Wertheim For TreasurerJohn Wertheim For Treasurer

Proud to have the support of New Mexico AFSCME and the hard-working men and women they represent! AFSCME joins seven other unions that have endorsed my campaign and vision for building New Mexico's economy: IATSE Local 480, American Federation of Teachers New Mexico, New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 611, Iron Workers Local 495, Sheet Metal Workers Local 49 and Teamsters Local 492. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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John Wertheim For TreasurerJohn Wertheim For Treasurer

On Equal Pay Day, I'm glad to see President Obama continuing to promote equal pay for women. And I'm looking forward to serving you as New Mexico's Treasurer and addressing state investment in corporations that have a record of pay discrimination against women. The financial health of New Mexico is dependent upon improving the financial health of New Mexico women! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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John Wertheim For TreasurerJohn Wertheim For Treasurer

I am honored to announce that I have been endorsed by AFT New Mexico! Thanks to the teachers for their support and the work they do everyday to make New Mexico's future brighter! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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